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Fiercely Protecting Our Traditions

To a time with Abuela insisted on our 3rd fixing and when our parents shared nostalgic historias of pre-revolutionary Cuba when La Isla was breathtakingly beautiful and thriving. To listening Arsenio Rodriguez's "Tu Reloj Pastora" in the background as Abuelo sat on his rocking, puffing on his second Cigar Del Dia. Whatever your traditions are, pass them on to your children, share them with a friend. 

Open up that Libro De Recetas that your mom passed down to you y pinte a cocinar for your family. Dust off that old Vinyl Y Baila like you did Cuando Tu Earas Un Niño En La Sala De Tu Tia. Replay the old peliculas and recall Chistes De Pepito. Preserving the past helps shape our future. Keep your family's legacy alive. 

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